Delivery Cost

Shipping within Germany

1.) Payment in Advance (Paypal or Bank-Transfer):
Standard Shipping: 3,90 €
Special Shipping, only (Longsleeve-) T-Shirts and Caps: 2,50 € *                                                   *not Rubric "Modifiables"

2.) Cash on Delivery:
We offer this standard shipping rate via German Post or other services to all German destinations.
For all packages we offer a shipping rate of 7,80 €

Shipping within the European States

1.) Payment in Advance (Paypal or Bank Transfer): 6,90 EUR

Worldwide Shipping

Shippingcosts for worldwide delivery according to quantity and location upon request

Delivery Time

National shipping: about: 4-6 working days
International shipping: Time will vary, depending on location, but most shipments arrive within 10 to 14 working days.

Free Shipping

FREE SHIPPING within Germany for all orders over 100 €
FREE SHIPPING within Europe for all orders over 200 €